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Those nights like this...

It’ll be at late night. You’ve just finished your work. You turns off the light and creep in the blanket where im laying inside. Just us and darkness. And we’ve got a whole night to be with each other,

You kiss me gently. Our tongue dance, our body intertwine.
I’d like to fade into you, in your heart, in your head, in your arms, under your skin..till there’s no way to know we you end, and where i begin….

As we get tired, you will hug me from behind. Cuddle me like a child, caress me as if im a princess. Your arms wrap tightly around me, and the warmth seems to last forever…

Those nights like this, are what I engrave in memory forever.

Because tomorrow, when i wake up, i will see you sleeping right next to me, gently breathing with an peaceful angelic smile on your face.