Im Googling, although i already know the result.

10 signs you’ve found your soulmate

16 signs of a soulmate

Soulmate connection

and this sounds good:

alright. enough talking nonsense. im gonna talk about…hm, my soulmate?

yeh. i actually dont need to search for proofs that he is my soulmate. ’cause we KNOW. we already know. ’cause its perfectly perfect and, yeah thats it. perfect. the relationship is utterly healthy and beautiful that makes people out there jellyyyy.

you say im lucky.

except for the more-than-7000-km part. 

he is in Hanoi, and im in Melbourne.

right .. this is fucking tricky hah? long distance relationship. who wants it? i mean..seriously? its like you’re still single yet attached at the same time. you wanna kiss him, embrace him or make love, cuddle.. ALL. ALL of these, you just can do in your dreams or daydreams. 

this person late reply your messages, and you start to overthink and worry (a bit or much bit, this depends on…your period!). you start wonder wtf they are doing and are they slowly falling out of love with you or they start to love you less or they are fucking ignoring you. 

and im  telling you, there are times when the PMS is (sneakily) torturing me and i even cry my eyes out with all of these thoughts and insecurity. my mind just goes blur, my heart just uncontrollably shattered, and the optimism disappears replaced by a terrible terrible pessimism.

its damn tiring and im about to give up.

i just wanna give up. 

it sucks. when you start to get more serious with somebody and then …


no i cannot take the risk. its enough painful, especially when it comes to long distance relationship. i can imagine how terrible my mood is gonna be, and i dont want it to happen again. guys and my inner security. so bad.

i just dont feel secure. i will just run away. its the best. 

P/s: i got this fucking serious issue: can never be able to feel secure. and that why im changing all the times. much paradoxical right?

hate this feeling of insecurity. hate it. detest it. 

gonna fucking change . always.