Everyone is like that.

Everyone disappoints me as soon as i start to place my trust in them, advocate them or decide to get serious with them.

Sometimes i wonder how many things and how long it takes me to fully trust someone again or treat them as nice as i could.

Mama remember the time i told you “i love you so much. everyone will talk behind us because you not pregnant a baby boy. Should i do a part time job to help our family? i love dad too.”

and what the fuck did you do? you talk shit behind my back. you talk shit about me in front of my dad. my friend sees that. everyone sees that. but me.

“everyone knows it, but you. you are too innocent. i have tried to aware you several times but you didnt know.”

i died since then.

and now. i should always take a step back. cuz no one is ever trustworthy enough. no one. im unable to trust and im not gonna do it again, except for few of those who are my long-term best friend.

do not trust anyone. do not love anyone. and do not be too nice to anyone.

and the second time.